Has your Insurance company recently informed you that you need a new Wind Mitigation or Four-Point inspection? We can help you understand the Inspections, the forms necessary, and the processes that we will use. Here is quick snapshot of the two.

WIND MITIGATION Inspection: A Wind Mitigation inspection is used to determine the methods and materials that were used when the roof and roof covering were attached to the rest of the house, including Hurricane Clips. The form we prepare details the different features in your home and roof that reduce the risk of damage from high winds. This can result in a reduction of your Insurance rates. Any upgrades to your roof structure, including new roofs, may lead to higher savings.

FOUR-POINT INSPECTION: A Four-Point inspection is usually required for homes more than 30 years old. This involves inspection of the Roof, Electrical system, Heating system, and Plumbing (The 4 Points). This Inspection may identify small defects that can be addressed now to protect you from damage later.

Even if you are using the same Insurance Agent and Company, if you have changed underwriters recently you may need these inspections. There have been recent changes in some of the reporting forms for Citizens Insurance in Florida, and Pensacola was not excluded from these changes. We will be glad to help you gather the appropriate information to verify the existing features in your home that may lead to the maximum credits and deductions on your Insurance Policy. We focus on detailing the information that Insurance companies require in a clear and concise manner. This makes the whole process easier for you and your Insurance Agent, as well as less time spent handling any issues that may arise. You see, when you hire us for your Insurance inspection needs, we will work directly with your Agent (with your permission) so that you don’t have to worry about more phone calls than necessary. Call us for all of your Home & Insurance Inspection needs, you’ll be glad you did.