Are you thinking about buying a home with Stucco siding? There are some things you may want to consider and look for. Any home has the potential for moisture intrusion and resulting damage, and Stucco homes are no exception. One of the biggest differences with Stucco homes is that any damage will most likely remain hidden from view, under the Stucco surface, to even the most discerning eye. No problem, your inspector has an Infrared camera, right? Well, the best IR camera can only determine temperature differences at the surface and cannot determine if water has penetrated the building envelope in the past. It most certainly cannot "see” through walls and tell you if damage has occurred. Our stucco inspections are more intrusive than most and, as a result, give us a more detailed view of the underlying substrate and structure than a mere visual inspection. We identify areas that we know are prone to moisture intrusion and we focus on those locations to determine if moisture problems or damage is present, or likely to occur. We use a combination of moisture meters, probes, and substrate resistance testers to ascertain if damage or moisture are present, and give detailed reports that identify problem areas, locations that need to be repaired, and guidance for preventative maintenance that can prevent future issues. Our experience has shown us that any area where the stucco coating meets a dissimilar material is a potential water intrusion point. This may include windows, wall penetrations (utilities, hose bibs, etc.), and roof-to-wall interfaces. While no inspector or process can guarantee that all issues or damage will be discovered, our procedures offer a "bigger picture” view of the building and any moisture problems or potential problems. Give us a call to talk about your new Stucco home and what we can do to help you protect your investment.