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Our Team

Our Team

It is our mission and duty to provide our services in a professional manner with consideration and respect for all parties involved. It is our daily responsibility to Clients, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Insurance Representatives, and any related parties to fulfill all of our objectives.

American Property Inspectors is a full-service Real Estate inspection company with a full-time staff. We have performed thousands of home inspections since our founding in 1992. Our inspectors are properly licensed and insured for your protection.

Our company has been providing quality inspections for more than 24 years. We ensure that our inspectors are provided with high quality training & experience, and our inspectors are supported by an administrative team that has been involved in the inspection process from its inception.

Our Objectives

Customer Service

We will provide excellent customer service, and treat you with fairness and friendliness.


We will respond to your needs and inquiries in a timely manner, and help you with any questions you may have.


We will be respectful to all people, properties, and pets.


We will be accessible for any follow-up issues. Our responsibility continues after the inspection, for questions, clarifications, or information regarding the property or the report.


Should any problems arise, we will provide viable solutions. We will keep you informed as we all work toward resolutions, and you will have complete confidence that an established local business is working hard to protect your interests.

We realize that many of your decisions may be based on the results of our inspections, and we strive daily to exceed your expectations in every way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much does a Home Inspection cost?

The cost of a Home or Condominium Inspection will vary, based on square footage and other variables. Insurance underwriters may require additional forms and reports, which will affect pricing, and we offer competitive rates, as well as discounts for on-site multiple reports. A more important question might be “What do I get for my Inspection?” Be certain that your choice of Inspectors is an informed decision. Not all Inspectors have the same qualifications or certifications, and you may have specific requirements.
Ask if your choice of Inspectors meets your needs—American Property Inspectors will exceed your expectations.

2. Can you Inspect for Insurance Wind Mitigation & 4 Point ?

We can perform wind mitigation verification and 4 point inspections as an ancillary service while providing a Home Inspection, or as a stand-alone Inspection. This verification may reduce the cost of Homeowner’s Insurance or ensure coverage.

3. How do I schedule an Inspection?

Call our office during regular hours (8:00 AM-5:00 PM CST) and our office staff will assist you in every step of the process, including billing, property access, and contact information. 

4. Do you provide “Same-Day” Reports?

We do not provide a report on the day of Inspection. We feel it is important to review our findings after returning from the field, and the extra effort has proved to be invaluable for our clients, providing information that may have been excluded from a hurried report. We will provide a full written report on the first business day after the inspection.

5. Do you provide reports to everyone involved in the Real Estate transaction?

We work only for our clients, whether it be the buyer, seller, or current owner of any particular property. Any report will be issued to that client alone, unless we are otherwise instructed to do so in writing.

6. Can you perform WDO (termite) inspections?

Unfortunately, no. Florida law allows only licensed WDO inspectors to perform a wood destroying organism inspection. We will inspect for and report on any evidence of pest/rodent infestation that is visible.

7. How do you perform Stucco Moisture Scan Inspections?

For an intrusive Moisture Scan Inspection, small holes are made in the stucco coating and moisture readings are taken to determine the moisture content of the substrate that underlies the coating. The holes are less than the diameter of a pencil, and are sealed afterwards according to industry standards. This also allows the inspector to determine if any physical damage has occurred to the substrate. The probes are made in specific locations where our experience has shown the likelihood of moisture penetration. These locations may include accessories, such as windows, flashing, wall or utility penetrations, and any area which the inspector determines the probability of moisture is high. These inspections will require permission, in writing, from the present owner due to their invasive nature.

8. Do all utilities have to be turned on for a Home Inspection?

It is not necessary for all utilities to be on at the time of inspection. This will result in an incomplete report. If the water service is not on, plumbing can’t be verified as proper. If electricity is not on, we cannot verify proper wiring or operation of certain appliances or components. If gas service is not supplied, some gas furnaces or water heaters cannot be verified as operational. We can inspect without these services, but it is suggested that all utilities be on to avoid a re-inspect fee for returning to the property for additional inspection and verification.

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